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Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Are you expecting to receive extra cash or already received it? E.g. tax return, inheritance, gift or work bonus. Putting that extra cash to your home loan as a lump sum payments could save you thousands in the long run and makes you mortgage free sooner. Simply enter your existing home loan details and lump sum payment you can make to find out how much you can save & how soon your home loan will be paid off.


If you need any help with this or anything else, please feel free to fill in one of our contact us form or call us on 1300 551 334. One of our experienced finance brokers will happily assist.



Frequenly Asked Questions

What are the requirements

for getting a home loan?

Maximum loan you can borrow is 97% of property value. So you will need 3% of purchase price plus costs. e.g. Stamp Duty, Lenders Mortgage Insurance, Bank Fees, Legal Fees etc.  Find out in Detail>>




Every lender & bank has their own borrowing capacity calculator. Which will take account of your income, living expenses, credit card limits & all other financial commitments to

calculate how much maximum they can lend you. Find out in Detail>>


How much money can I borrow

from the bank?

How much money should I have in the begining to buy home?

Generally speaking, regular income, good credit history & enough saving for 3% deposit of purchase price plus costs e.g. stamp duty, lenders mortgage insurance, legal fees etc. is the  key requirement to get a home loan approved. Find out in Detail>>




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