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Why us?

As we are in the business of assisting people with their Real Estate Transaction involving third party finance. Strategic thinking, attention to detail, Integrity & visionary planning is paramount at Sage, which will be crucial to achieve winning outcome for our clients. Since its inception we have helped many people to secure their dream home & add investment property in their portfolio. We see all our clients as our best friend. Which will reflect in our service model that you will be amazed with our professional yet friendly service with the personal touch.

Our growth & sustainability is solely dependent on us providing right advice with expertise & service Excellency plus our valued customer spreading the word about their sage experience. We wouldn't have survived or came this far without those words of mouth, we are very thankful to all of our existing client for your trust on us.  Here is why so many people choose us for their home loan needs & recommend our service to their family & friends;


  • Listen, Care, Guide: We listen you to understand your situation, needs, objective & goal then guide you step by step throughout the home buying journey
         to achieve that goal, keeping your best interest always in our mind & heart.

  • Lots of home loan deals: We can compare & negotiate hundreds of home loan deals from up to 29 lenders, including the big 4 banks. This means you will
         end up with the right home loan with a most competitive rate which is most suitable for you.

  • Sit back & relax: Getting a right home loan should not be a time consuming & stressful experience for you. We do all the paperwork and running around for you
         so you can sit back, relax & enjoy your precious time with friend & family.

  • Free service Australia wide:  As we get paid by the lender for introducing your business to them our mortgage assistance service is completely free to you. Our service is    F  Available all over the Australia, wherever you are in Australia we get you. (However, you may be liable to pay any applicable lender specific fees e.g., application fee,      a account fee etc.)

  • Mobile & Remote Service: Getting our service is so easy & flexible. We can come to your lounge, office or local coffee shop or you can come to our office
          whatever best suits you. Or even better we can do all the talking over the phone & get all the paperwork sorted by mail or email. Our expert advice & free
          professional service is just a phone call or email away.

  • Free Valuations & credit reports: We can order a free up front valuation (Property valuation before submitting loan application) with up to seven lenders. This
         means that we know what the bank thinks your property is worth before applying the loan with them. Upfront valuation is very crucial especially if you are
         buying in Auction as you won't get cooling off period. Knowing what's the value of property you buying in your bank's eyes before signing the contract on
         Auction  ensures you don't have to deal with fund shortage situation down the track due to lower valuation.  We can also help you to get a free copy of your  
         credit file so  that you know where you stand.

  • Outside the box: We think & see outside the box for your finance solution. We love to help people in difficult situation with complex scenario. Even if your bank
         says 'NO', we might be able to find the solution for you.

  • MFAA & CIO membership: As we are the member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) - and Credit & Investments Ombudsman (CIO) - We
         are bound to uphold the highest level of standards when providing finance solutions to customers. Members must meet strict experience, code of conduct,
         professional & ethical standard, education, ongoing training & insurance requirements in order for them to renew the membership each year.

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